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  • BUILT-IN DUAL SPEAKER PRESET MEMORY – In addition to the Audyssey MultEQ XT32, SR6015 lets you customize your listening experience by storing two Audyssey settings for your preferred content type or mood, so you can switch between them on the fly
  • ADVANCED 8K HDMI CONNECTIVITY – 6 HDMI In / 2 Out (HDCP 2.3 compliant), dedicated 8K input, USB port, phono & Aux inputs, with analog & digital inputs for audio sources like DVD & Blu-ray player, subwoofer & speakers for a cohesive surround sound system
  • SUPERIOR LAG-FREE GAMING with 4K/120Hz* pass-through, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Quick Frame Transport (QFT), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which reduces or eliminates lag and frame tearing for a smoother, lag-free gaming experience
  • Pandora, Spotify, Napster, SiriusXM, TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz, Amazon Music
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices or Siri via AirPlay 2
  • BI–DIRECTIONAL BLUETOOTH WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: Stream from your device to the receiver using SBC or AAC codecs, or transmit audio playing through the AVR to compatible wireless headphones.
  • THX CERTIFIED: The TX–NR7100 offers four distinct THX listening modes: cinema, gaming, music, and surround EX.
  • SMART HOME COMPATIBLE WITH VOICE CONTROL: The Onkyo TX–NR7100 9.2–Channel THX Certified AV Receive easily integrates into your existing Smart Home ecosystem.
  • IMMERSIVE SOUND FROM YOUR TV APPS: eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) simplifies connectivity and supports the latest high–bitrate audio formats including Dolby Atmos, DTS–HD Master Audio, DTS: X, Dolby TrueHD.
  • ENHANCED GAMING: Own your opponents with HDMI 2.1 enhancements for gamers including 4K/120Hz HDR pass–through enables ultra–fast motion
  • QFT: Quick Frame Transport limits lag for a smoother experience.
  • ENJOY THE MOST ADVANCED VIDEO TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE with Dynamic HDR and HDR10+. This 9.2 channel receiver delivers clarity, contrast and color, and Quick Media Switching eliminates video delay
  • Does not support pass-through from all 4K/120Hz media sources
  • FULL VOICE CONTROL COMPATIBILITY WITH AMAZON ALEXA so you can adjust the volume, change tracks and switch inputs absolutely hands-free; also works with Google Assistant, Apple Siri and integrates with home-automation systems like Josh.ai & Control4 SDPP
  • All HDMI ports (6 In, 1 out) follow the LATEST REVISION TO HIGH-BANDWIDTH DIGITAL CONTENT PROTECTION REQUIREMENTS (HDCP 2.3) and are backward compatible with the earlier versions. Don't fret if your devices have HDCP 2.2 - they'll work perfectly well
  • FULL VOICE CONTROL COMPATIBILITY WITH AMAZON ALEXA lets you sit back and enjoy music without having to reach out for the remote. Adjust the volume, change the track or switch the inputs absolutely hands-free
  • MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR NEW 4K ULTRA HD TV with this 7.2 Ch stereo receiver. Featuring HLG, HDR10, BT.2020, Wide Color Gamut & 4:4:4 Pure Color sub-sampling, it DELIVERS EXCEPTIONAL BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST and COLOR enriching your movie and gaming experience
  • 5.2.2-ch Dolby Atmos and DTS:X playback
  • Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer* and DTS Virtual:X
  • AccuEQ with subwoofer EQ and AccuReflex
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What to seek in an A/V receiver

As you may have the ability to infer from this overview, there are numerous, many different AV receivers on today's market, each with their very own set of functions, requirements and price tags. To help you make one of the most informed choice feasible, here's a few secrets to seek in an AV receiver, regardless of what your spending plan is:

  • Find the best variety of channels: Whether you're taking care of a stereo speakers or an entire border audio setup, it is essential to find a receiver with sufficient audio networks to appropriately support every one of them. And if you can swing it, it never ever injures to have a couple of added networks to have fun with in case you wish to increase in the future.
  • Power matters ... to a level: When a receiver is capable of distributing a higher amount of watts per channel, it usually implies that they will certainly have the ability to manage higher volumes much more conveniently. There's even more headspace, if you will, for the audio speakers these receivers are linked to. The caveat, however, is that power isn't every little thing. There are lots of receivers that don't wield an amazing amount of amplification, yet still sound amazing combined with the right audio speakers.
  • Wi-Fi is a must: This surpasses the endless opportunities that include songs streaming and also assimilation with preferred voice assistants. Wi-Fi-enabled receivers are able to accept software program updates, which are key to aiding your investment remain running as efficiently as it possibly can. If you're buying a brand-new AV receiver today, ensure it has Wi-Fi.
  • 4K passthrough is the minimum: If you wish to catch modern-day content in the highest definition that's conveniently available, you're going to want an AV receiver that can pass a 4K signal from a streaming device to your display. And, if you intend to futureproof on your own for the inescapable fostering of 8K web content, you can take points a step further as well as discover a receiver that supports 8K video clip passthrough.

There's plenty of various other considerations to be had when reviewing your AV options. Nonetheless, with these standards and also a rockstar lineup of receivers handpicked for your satisfaction, we're certain that you'll be able to locate the AV receiver that's right for you.


Several Factors to Consider 4k 120hz av receiver Before Making a Final Decision

While online purchases may appear to be simple, reaching the most significant potential conclusion will be tricky. So, whether it's day or night, we're here to help you with your 4k 120hz av receiver purchasing experience.

Numerous items are presently accessible on both the internet and offline markets. Assume that none of the alternatives in our category are acceptable for you. Don't be concerned! You can choose the ideal one for yourself by following our purchasing tips.

  • How about the product's quality?

    In addition to cost savings and reputation, quality is a crucial thing to keep in mind. You may not always obtain the finest quality 4k 120hz av receiver; you must verify that the usefulness of the 4k 120hz av receiver you choose is adequate. It's a terrific idea to do some experiments to verify what reflects the ideal 4k 120hz av receiver.
  • Which brand is this product from?

    We discovered goods from prominent manufacturers to provide you with the 4k 120hz av receiver. They are affiliated with some of today's most well-known corporations.

    Their products must meet strict requirements before they are released to the public. Consequently, you may utilize their things, even those on our selection, with confidence.

    Additionally, we confirm that companies other than those listed are reliable. In addition to the ones stated, many more well-known companies offer high-quality goods, and we are impossible to include all of them in a single area.
  • How long may the product be used?

    Before making a final decision, users should assess how much use they would receive from 4k 120hz av receiver. Is the duration you're going to be spending worthwhile the money you're planning to charge?

    It's a good idea to consider how long you'll be utilizing 4k 120hz av receiver. Clients that place a high value on longevity go toward items that meet a higher standard of durability. A solid warranty can also save you money in the long run on installation and repair.

    If you just want to use it for a short period of time, you should go for a more economical alternative. If you intend to use 4k 120hz av receiver for an extended period, you should participate in a higher-quality 4k 120hz av receiver.
  • Is this a low-cost, medium-cost, or high-cost product, and can you buy it?

    When making any decision, you must consider your financial situation. None of your qualities will matter if you don't have enough money. As a consequence, before going shopping for 4k 120hz av receiver, you should consider how much money you are willing to pay.

    You may eliminate versions that do not fulfill your financial requirements by creating a business strategy. As a result, you'll be able to stay within your budget.

    There are things of equivalent quality that are priced differently. However, this does not imply that you must immediately get the most costly 4k 120hz av receiver.

Final Words

We are merely an organization committed to product details and the 4k 120hz av receiver from some trustworthy brands, such as Onkyo, Denon, Sony, Marantz, Yamaha. Our staff does not manufacture or sell anything, and our objective is to solely propose the most satisfactory items on the market at the time.

Each provider, item, and trademark will have its own return policy. Please notify them if you realize that your product is unsuitable or has any errors.

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