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We've researched 22,470 of different options to find the Best fog machine for halloween for your needs. Some of our favorites include: Itshiny, Tneltueb, Agptek, Sunolga, Alladinbox, Gejrio, Theefun, 1 by one, Juoifip, Virfun, Fansteck, Tcfundy, Hakuta. Our team of experts spent hours researching the most important criteria to pick the top choices for you.

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  • Sunolga outdoor fog machine hold the FCC, CE and ROHS certified for safe. We stand behind the quality of our products. Wishing you a spook-tacular Halloween.
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: Come with a wireless remote handle for distance use, you can control your machine in 12 meters. You also can press the red “Fog” button on the back of our fog machine to spray fog.There are still a preheating lamp on the machine's control panel. When the indicator light is red that it is warming up, green is warm-up completed.
  • SPECTIFICATIONS: Voltage: AC 90-130V 60Hz / AC220-240V 50Hz, Power: 500W, Light source: 6*3W 3in1 LED, Tank Capacity:350ml (0.079 gal), Output: 2000cfm, Fluid Consumption: 7.5ml/min, Warm up Time: 3-5 min, Controller: Button and Wireless remote, Remote Length:5-6m
  • 【RGB Light Design】Combination of the fog and colorful light together, perfect for enhancing atmosphere of live concerts, stage atmosphere, festival, wedding ceremony ,DJ and family entertainment gatherings
  • 【Note】Please feel free to contact us if you have any question
  • 【Rapid warm-up】Equipped with an advanced electronic thermostat control system and special pipeline technology.Allow the machine to warm up in 2-3 minutes.And hold the FCC, CE and RoHS certified for safe
  • ☁️【WARM SUGGESTION】When this fog machine is full of liquid, it can work continuously for an hour, and it must be turned off before the liquid is used up to ensure safety
  • ☁️【INTELLIGENT DUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL】 With visible preheat lamp and 3 meter long wired controller. Additionally provides a wireless remote for distant use, press remote button once to get fog, and one key to stop. Dual temperature control ceramics, a temperature sensor is added inside the machine. When the device overheats, it will automatically turn off the power. This great fog machine is very promising when it comes to outdoor as well as indoor activities
  • ☁️【DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】 This fog machine with fluid included is made of high quality metal materials not easy to corroded, light enough but durable in use. This type of smoke machine is made of some premium grade materials, which is tough enough for better heat dissipation and durable enough for longer service life. The smoke machine has a hanger, you can install it at a height or put on the ground according to the requirements
  • 【Creates Perfect Atmosphere】: No party is complete without a fog machine. The Theefun party stage fogger is equipped with 6 LED lights that can be controlled independently. Combining fog with LED lights makes the Theefun LED fog machine very suitable for enhancing the festive atmosphere, such as parties, stage, wedding, live concert, DJ and family gatherings, Kara OK, etc.
  • 【Double Protection】: When it comes to safety, you can count on us. Designed with a temperature control sensor, the stage haze atmosphere maker will automatically power off due to the excess temperature. Even better, the smoke machine comes with fuse protection. Once the voltage is overloaded, fuse protection will start and the machine will stop working to keep safe operation.
  • 【Highly Effective & Time Saving】: Don’t waste your time waiting for fog generation. Built with constant temperature control chip, it takes only about 15s for the 900W fog machine to preheat once and produce unscented and undefiled smoke with an output of 4000 CFM(cubic feet per minute) and 4-6 m distance, making the Theefun fog smoke generator outstanding among other low-power fog machines that require long waiting time to preheat before each spraying.
  • 🎃Compact Body&Convenient Hose Drain - Built from aluminum for better heat dissipation to ensure durability and a long product lifespan. Features a hose drain for indoor use. Weighs in at 4.7 pounds, so it's easy to transport to your gigs.
  • 🎃SAFETY / ETL LISTED - Tested, approved and certified by ETL,easily verifiable on the website. The safety of your equipment, business, home and family depends on the quality of your electronics.The main part is made of super strong ABS materials, that guarantees the product's appearance brilliant and compliance with the requirement of environment protect.
  • 🎃Easy to Use - Simply add fog juice/fluid, turn on the fog machine, and control it using the simple wired remote control. Also contains a visual fluid meter. We meticulously prepared them for you buying pleasure, we are the right choice of you.
  • 【Atmosphere Maker】- The halloween smoke machine which can produce huge and dense fog with colorful lights is perfect for family or friends live concerts, stages, Halloween festivals, parties, weddings, and entertainment gatherings, creating a mysterious and wonderful atmosphere. Included in the package - 1 x fog machine + 1 x power cable + 1 x wireless receiver controller + 2 x wireless remote control + 1 x handle + 2 x screws + 2 x washers + 1 x English user manual.
  • 【18 Colors & Various Light Effects】Halloween fog machine uses 18LED light combination fog, a total of 18 colors for you to choose from, namely red, blue, green, or mixed colors (cyan, fuchsia, yellow and white). The smoke machine with lights can also adjust brightness, fade, flash, and smooth and strobe light effects, a variety of options are enough to create a relaxing or romantic atmosphere for you.
  • 【Wireless Remote Controller】The portable fog machine is equipped with 1 Wireless receiver and 2 wireless remote controls, you can use the wired controller within a 3 m range or a wireless controller within a 50 m radius (no obstacles) (no long press for automatic spray). NOTE: With automatic continuous atomization mode after each cool-down period, there is no need to look after the machine during the party.
  • 3.AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS EFFECT: 6 RGB LED lights, 16 colors and 4 special effects, you can choose basic colors red/green/blue or mixed colors light effect individually in 4 special effects. The fog and lights together to create interesting and amazing effect.
  • 4.BIGGER TANK CAPACITY: 500ml(17fl oz) tank capacity, it is almost the largest tank in similar specifications, about twice the normal tank capacity. It can be used for a longer time to fill up with the fog fluid at one time.
  • 1.HIGHLY EFFICIENT FOG SPRAY: Powerful 500W heat generator, produce uniform fog very fast, heating takes only 45 seconds and the first heating needs to take 3-5 minutes. 2000 CFM non-toxic fog output and to 2-3 meters distance. The duration of single spraying is 35 seconds.
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Elements to consider when choosing the Best fog machine for halloween

You should also take into account the products of many well-known brands. Try to find out what the pros and cons of those products are, then try to find the Best fog machine for halloween for your needs. A good place to start would be our website. Once you've found the list of possible products, you'll need to narrow them down to a smaller group and continue reading our article that explored the key factors of the product.

Fog Type

Regular foggers produce a continuous stream of fog; however, they're not as effective as those equipped with blasters. So, read the details of the type of fog machine you want before making a purchase.


You would want to invest in small, portable, but powerful and bulky ones if you plan to stay at an event space like a stadium where there will be lots of people walking around.

Energy Consumption

Many people buy a lot of unnecessary equipment for Halloween without thinking about whether they need them, and then pay high electricity bills afterwards.

Before purchasing a new foggie, check its wattage so you know exactly how much electricity it uses per hour.


Regardless of whether they're strictly portable, most fogging systems discussed in this guide are likely to weigh quite a bit.

I think that having a case for my guitar would be very useful. Not only does it protect it from damage, but it also protects me from getting scratched myself if I drop it. And I know how much I hate being scratched!

Look at the reviews for the machines you're considering purchasing. If they break easily, avoid them.


You've probably seen mentions of CFMs and fog coverage throughout this guide.

Even if you buy an inexpensive printer and find that it doesn't produce enough copies for you, you can always add more printers like it. You don't have to spend a lot.

If you’re playing larger venues, it may be worth starting out with a unit like a Hurricane and see if it works well for your needs. A few smaller units might be enough if you’re planning to play in smaller venues.

Fog machines are an essential part of any stage production. You need to ensure that they're installed correctly so that they don't interfere with visibility.


Another key factor with fogs is operation. How easy it is to operate? How much manual labor does it take? Does it cut out occasionally? Does it function flawfully in the manner you desire it to?

As a performer, if you're not able to be bothered to be constantly pressing buttons or turning machines on and off, then you'll need a lot of this happening automatically. At the very least it needs to be simple enough so that anyone could do it without thinking about it too much.

Most machines come with remotes; however, wireless ones are usually better than their wire­less counterparts.

Basically, the more you pay for an automatic lawn mower, the more it will perform. However, if you don't know how to use it properly, then you might not get the best results from it. So, be sure to learn how to operate it before using it.

Fog Output

Fog output is usually measured in cubic feet per hour (cfm). The thicker the fog, the larger the cfm of a fog machine. You will need to match the setting you place it in with.


It’s usuallyer to buy smaller foggers than larger ones. Also, if you need additional fog, it won't cost you an arm and leg to purchase more machines.

Large units are usually more powerful than smaller ones and are meant for large rooms. However, they're also going to be more expensive.

Ultimately, it depends on your needs and the budget you're willing to spend. I'd recommend purchasing within your financial abilities.


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Hopefully, our product list and the content of the article have also provided information for customers to choose the Best fog machine for halloween that suits their needs, don't forget to refer to famous brands such as:Itshiny, Tneltueb, Agptek, Sunolga, Alladinbox, Gejrio, Theefun, 1 by one, Juoifip, Virfun, Fansteck, Tcfundy, Hakuta.


1. Are Fog Machines Safe?

Make sure that you buy fog machines from reputable sellers who have been approved by safety authorities worldwide or locally.

2. Can We Inhale Fog From Fog Machines?

It is not clear if the mist from the fogs is harmful for people who suffer from respiratory diseases or disorders. Therefore, it is best to keep everyone at a distance from the fogs to avoid any serious health issues.

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