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Best Ring light for selfie and video

1. What is a ring light?

When watching YouTube videos (especially makeup tutorials), have you noticed a ring of light reflected in the human eye on the video? Because they use Ring light.

There are several reasons why many YouTubers use this light in their videos. Ring light helps to improve video quality because it not only allows filming, and detailed images, but also can adjust the color and temperature of the light easily.

The ring light is designed to fit the camera, it can be placed in the center of the ring of the light, providing perfectly balanced lighting for videos or pictures.


2. What types of ring lights are there on the market? Classify

Sort by features:

To make it easy for you to figure out, we distinguish 2 main types of lights: direct power lights & 2in1 lights, using both direct powers, or using rechargeable batteries:

  • Lamps using direct power, are lights that use a plug-in cord, using direct power from 220V to supply electricity to the lights like other common electrical appliances in the house.
  • Lights use electricity and batteries: For this type of lamp, you can use electricity directly from your home's electrical outlet, or you can also install additional batteries on the back of the lamp, to serve the work when Power fails or when you need to be flexible to bring it like a bridal makeup service, because not everywhere has electrical outlets for you.

Sort by ring size

Divided according to the needs of users, we classify 4 popular sizes as follows:

  • Diameter 18 inches (46 cm) this is the largest lamp. Usually suitable for full-body Livestream.
  • The diameter of 14 inches (36cm) is the average size suitable for Livestream, body lighting.
  • 12-inch diameter (26cm - 32cm) is a small size Livestream bust, illuminating the subject from 1m to 2m
  • Diameter 4 inches - 8 inches (12 cm - 22cm) is a very small size. Usually use this to buy for fun, use it for work, it has no effect.

3. Choose the right lamp for use:

  • For full-body livestream shops, live clothes, fashion shoes, or livestreams with 2 or more models, full body lighting is required. We must use 18-inch large-diameter lamps, with this size the light will spread evenly and widely. In addition, we should also note the lamp power. With lamps with a capacity of 80w or more, you only need 1 lamp, even if your room is very dim. With lights from 60w - 80w you will need to support light from spotlights, or tube lights, the quality of the livestream will be very bright and beautiful. Here we consult with the criteria for ideal light. If the customer only needs to see the sample clearly, there is no need for spotlights.
  • Many of our customers have chosen a cost-effective option, using a 14-inch lamp to Livestream their clothes, then most are not satisfied because the light does not spread, they have to exchange or have to buy 1 more light. Again, very expensive. However, if the lighting conditions at your Livestream place already have all kinds of light from tube lights, to spotlights, or daytime conditions, you just need to add lights to shine directly on the product highlighting model. , you can still use 14-inch lights, but not the optimal solution.
  • For Livestream shops selling cosmetics, perfumes, Livestream wallets, small bags, hair salons, and tattoo parlors, just need to illuminate the bust, then you only need to choose the Livestream lamp models from 12 inches - 14 inches is enough to meet the demand. Do not choose too small lamp models, because lack of light is a taboo for your phone when live streaming. It will make the image grainy, and noisy a lot. Sometimes the lack of light also loses the true color of the product. In short, more is better than lack, if the light is too much, you can adjust to reduce the light.
  • Finally, for those of you live streaming, singing, and entertaining on social networks, you simply need small-sized lamp models, because, for these needs, you only need a light source 30-50cm away from your face. Small lamp models can completely satisfy you.
Above is all the detailed information so that you can choose for yourself a Livestream lamp model that best suits your work needs. Hope the above information will help you get more information about Led Ring live lights & do not buy poor quality products.


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