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Choosing the best quality outdoor security camera

Installing security cameras today is not only popular in the home and office spaces, but also very popular when installed outdoors. To ensure the safety of individuals, families, and surrounding people as well as valuable assets, the use of outdoor security cameras is necessary. However, the market of this segment currently has a great diversity in terms of design, model, quality, price, and brand. So, which outdoor security camera should you buy? This question will be answered in the article below.

1. What are security cameras?

A security camera is a specialized device used to monitor the surrounding area. Modern security cameras will help users observe the area through images and sounds.

In addition, security cameras when connected to devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs, users can know the situation in that area 24/24.



2. Common types of security cameras

  • IP Camera (Wireless)

It is a type of camera that uses a wireless connection by Wifi, without worrying about complicated settings, or fussy wireless ... You just need to plug in the camera and place it in a stable Wifi connection position.

  • Infrared hemisphere camera

The camera has a delicate and compact semi-spherical design, making it convenient to observe day and night.

Hemispheric camera can also be seen as a type of camouflage camera because when installing the ceiling panel it looks like a light bulb, it will be difficult to notice and difficult to distinguish from other ceiling lights.

  • Infrared body camera

Like the infrared hemisphere camera, the main function of this camera is to integrate the infrared LED system (infrared LED) and control it by the light sensor (Light Sensor). The difference here is that in terms of shape, the camera is designed with a cylindrical body.

The infrared body camera can see in the dark, delivering clear, true black and white images.


3. What kind of camera should I buy?

  • Determine your needs when buying surveillance cameras

First of all, you need to determine that observing via phone, TV, or computer is convenient for you. Then you should consider the price, because each surveillance camera has a different price.

For example:

If you are a person who goes to work all day, then you can simply install an infrared hemispherical camera or infrared body in front of your door. At night, you just need to check the camera to see if anything unusual happened.

And if you simply just want to observe in the office, you just need to install a wireless IP camera that is both convenient and compact.

  • Choose the right camera for each environment

Usually there are 3 environments: indoor environment, outdoor environment, extreme conditions. The standard for camera protection is denoted by IP. Some standards are:

IP65: The camera when installed outdoors is completely protected against dust. Besides, the camera is resistant to water being sprayed from all directions.
IP66 standard: The camera when installed outdoors is still well protected from dust, ensuring good operation in dusty environments. CCTV cameras are still well protected if completely submerged.
IP67 standard: The camera when installed outdoors has good dust resistance, works effectively in dusty environments. At the same time, the camera is still protected and works when immersed in water to a depth of 1m.
So, you need to base on IP standards to choose the right type of surveillance camera for your conditions.

  • Select the resolution of the surveillance camera

Usually the camera has focus or not is due to the sensor of the camera and the resolution of the camera. The higher the resolution of the camera, the more pixels the camera has and the sharper it is.



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